Boynton Healthcare: Alternative Risk Services for Medical Professionals

At Boynton Healthcare, we know the changing marketplace has left our clients seeking ways to protect capital and manage their risk. Often healthcare captives and risk retention groups are the vehicles used to contain medical professional’s excess risk. These vehicles, while useful, may expose your balance sheets to extreme volatility and make it challenging to predict and fund losses over the long term.

Boynton Healthcare offers innovative alternative risk services to the healthcare industry. Our clients include hospital and physician captives, risk retention groups and self-insured companies. Our services are focused on capital preservation, risk analysis and risk transfer consistent with our clients’ strategic objectives.

By working with the global reinsurance marketplace and analyzing our client’s individual exposures, Boynton Healthcare can structure programs that protect capital and allow our clients to:

Our goal is to enhance and preserve our client’s capital by optimizing how they use it to manage risk. We reduce loss volatility by utilizing creative risk structures and can dramatically improve our clients’ ability to accurately fund self-insured losses.

Note that Boynton Healthcare also provides consulting services for the formation and creation of alternative risk structures and the execution of their risk transfer strategies. Consultation includes strategic planning and corporate development. For more information call us at 1-800-822-0262.

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