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As meticulous as healthcare facilities and physicians are with practicing medicine, the same attention to detail must be applied to the risk management of the practice. It is imperative not to overlook the details of the business side of medicine, particularly the evolving and expanding risks in the new ACA environment.

Boynton Healthcare understands the complexities of healthcare professionals and the full spectrum of exposures in healthcare systems and physician practices. We focus on and manage your risk management and insurance details, which allows you to focus on your profession.

The Boynton Healthcare team takes a holistic approach in properly managing the entire scope of a practices risk, effectively acting as the Risk Manager for each client. Each healthcare account managed by B&B receives a full risk analysis including loss control and a risk transfer solutions integrated with a customized insurance program. In addition to medical malpractice protection, the following policies should would be integrated and managed by Boynton Healthcare:

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