Personal Insurance

Boynton Healthcare professionals maintain a complete risk management perspective for all clients. Beyond the intensive approach to properly managing each client’s full healthcare practice exposures, each account has full access to the extensive resources of Boynton & Boynton’s Personal Insurance Services. A broad analysis of each client’s personal insurance needs is provided, with risk management and insurance portfolio options discussed. Most Boynton Healthcare clients rely on Boynton & Boynton to manage their full personal insurance portfolio, knowing that their full protection and best interests are always there.

Boynton represents the leading personal insurance carriers, and is equipped to handle all of your personal insurance needs. Protect your home, cars and earnings with the same diligence you protect your business.

Our alliance with the top carriers ensures we can offer you an extensive line of the leading products at the best rates.

At Boynton Healthcare, we are dedicated to meeting your needs quickly and accurately. For new homes, auto policies and many other of our insurances, we can often offer same-day closing documents.

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